May 3, 2013

To our valued clients and patients,

Unfortunately, despite our best efforts over the last 10 years, circumstances beyond our control dictate that Mixx Fitness Studio, Performance Posture Group Ltd and Structure Rehab & Fitness Inc are no longer able to conduct business. We are left with no choice but to cease operations, effective immediately.

This is an immensely disappointing turn of events. We have tried every avenue to avoid this abrupt end to our vision of an integrated and collaborative, multi-disciplinary health group.

The skilled trainers and practitioners that you’ve come to trust have been encouraged to reach out to you directly, and to help provide guidance and support during this period of transition. We will all be searching for suitable alternative facilities in which to continue to operate our professional practices. To the best of our ability we will strive to minimize disruption to your schedule and progress.

Thank you for your support in the past, and we sincerely apologize for this.

Rob Williams, President
Mixx Fitness Studio
Performance Posture Group LTD
Structure Rehab & Fitness Inc.